International Ring Size Chart

Wondering how to get the perfect ring size across countries? Our easy guide to using the International Ring Size Chart helps you find your perfect fit, anywhere!

So, you want to buy a ring, but you’re confused about the size? Maybe you’re shopping online from another country or gifting someone far away. Don’t worry! Understanding the International Ring Size Chart can help. This guide makes it super easy for you.

What Is International Ring Size Chart?

Welcome to International ring size chart, This ring size chart provides you all ring sizes from different countries to help you compare your local ring size to other countries ring size like the US & Canada, United Kingdom & Australia, France & Russia, Germany, Japan, and Switzerland, India and all Asian countries. Find your finger circumference by ring size calculator or string paper method and compare your finger measurements to this international ring size chart, you can easily get the accurate ring size. It’s a great way to make sure your ring fits perfectly.

International Ring Size Conversion Chart

Inside Circumference:
Inside Circumference:
US, Canada, MexicoUK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, South AfricaFranceGermany, Russia, Ukraine, AsiaIndia, China, Japan, South America, Turkey, IsraelItaly, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland
1.7744.83.25F 1/244.62514.254.625
1.8246.13.75G 1/245.87514.7565.875
1.8747.44.25H 1/247.12515.257.125
1.9449.35J 1/24915.7599
1.9950.65.5K 1/250.2516.251010.25
2.0451.96L 1/251.516.51211.5
2.0953.16.5M 1/252.75171312.75
2.1454.47N 1/25417.251414
2.1955.77.5O 1/255.2517.751515.25
2.24578P 1/256.5181616.5
2.2958.38.5Q 1/257.7518.51717.75
2.3459.59R 1/259191819
2.3960.89.5S 1/260.2519.51920.25
2.4462.110T 1/261.5202021.25
2.4963.410.5U 1/262.7520.52222.75
2.5464.611V 1/26420.752324
2.5965.911.5W 1/265.25212425.25
2.6567.212X 1/266.521.252526.5
2.7269.112.75Z 1/268.37528.375
International Conversion Ring Size Chart

Why You Need the International Ring Size Chart

When you shop for rings from different countries, the sizes aren’t always the same. A size 7 in the U.S. is not the same as a size 7 in the UK. That’s why you need to know how to switch between different size systems. It saves you from buying a ring that’s too tight or too loose.


Different Ring Sizing Systems

Different countries follow different sizing conventions. Here are some of the most common:

  • United States & Canada: Numeric sizes (e.g., 5, 6, 7)
  • United Kingdom: Alphabetic sizes (e.g., H, J, K)
  • Europe: Numeric with circumferences (e.g., 50, 52, 54)
  • Japan: Similar to the US but usually smaller sizes
  • Australia & New Zealand: Alphanumeric sizes (e.g., M1/2, N1/2)
  • India: Numeric based on a different scale

How to Use the Chart: Easy Steps

Step 1: Know Your Own Ring Size

First, find out your ring size according to your country. You can measure your ring site at home by string or paper method.

Step 2: Download or Print Our International Ring Size Chart

Match your ring size with our International ring size conversion chart and determine your ring size as per the country you want your ring size.

Step 3: Convert Your Size

Just match your size with the international ring size chart to know your ring size in another country’s system.

Step 4: Double-Check

It’s always a good idea to confirm your size in more than one way. Try a different method to determine ring size and compare to our international ring size chart. For help contact us.

Tips For Measuring Ring Size

  • Material Matters: Some rings can’t be resized. Make sure to get the size right the first time.
  • Check the Time: Your finger size can change during the day. Measure when your hands are warm and a bit swollen, usually at the end of the day.
  • Ask for Help: If you’re not sure, ask the online shop for help.